The 10 Best Hosting Services in 2020

The 10 Best Hosting Services in 2020

Hosting services have always been a scourge and a risk, and some (most), are downright atrocious. The fact that governments, and legislation do not control these service industries enough, nor do they investigate their claims, or care about the upsells and tricks they use to extract (extrort iin my language) more money from webmasters who have less knowledge about how tyo administrate the full stack of their software backend and frontend, and databases themself.


This post hence, does not list the top 10 Hosting Services, because the number of truly good hosting companies amounts to 2, and one that gives a free subdomain that is a fully functional online store, and can be inserted into your own domain, a blogspot, and even a Facebook Shop Tab Google Shopping and Amazon Networks with a product feed. (Ecwid)

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I shall not inlcude subdomain free websites like blogspot, google sites, or tumblr or image networks like instagram or pinterest, Wix, Shopify, Big Commerce, nor Facebook Pages. Except to say, that putting all your content on someone elses domain, means they get the search results, and they get the visitors, instead of your own self hosted domain, with your content on that, Basically, you are giving them free content to place ads next to and monetizze, when you could be doing the same on your own self hosted website.

Instead, is much better and can be profuitable if that is your intention. You can also avoid being compaed with myrids of similar sellers within the same network marketplce (i.e. Ebay Etsy and co), by bringing people to your own domain which has no others to compare with, and once they are landed there, they are unlikely to leave to check somewhere else. Facebook has proved this with stats showing their praxctice of youtube videos being inserted within a Facebook domain iframe d an ‘open in app’ button, to reduce the numer of views on YouTube extremely, and let facebook gather the info / data instead.

The Only 2 Worthwhile Hosting Solutions

The only two worthwhile Hosting Services i have found in 28 years of Webmastery (2020), are Dreamhost, and Bluehost, with Dreamhost Winning Over for Support, and Simplicity, and Lack of Strange Occurrences. it also has free https secure sockets, whereas Bluehost charges you for it and does not provide a button to unsibscribe from the service, and cut off the chat when adking to solve the issue. A common problem with Bluehost is the support, whose agents are truly like imbeciles, apart fro if you get bumped up to talk with an authorised engineer or admin.

The service itself as far as hosting load speed and vpn is good, but their interface is deliberately designed for high presure ssalesmanship, which is not something i would say about dreamhost, which is much more streamlined, and once you got past the learning curve with the navigation, and how to use the UI, is much more efficient with many more options.

Bluehost offers good server technology, but is easily hacked, whereas i have never been hacked on my Dreamhost VPS (touchwood). Bluehost sites, i have seen abiout 5 sites get hacked repeatedly, and this is why i sought out an alternative and found Dreamhost, after finding GoDaddy and receiving 20 promotion emails a day in 1980s panavision-kitsch style, pushing things up my nose to upgrade, with things that will never serve me, nor will i need or use them. So Godaddy can Go, Daddy. Go away Daddy.. Spammers and Scammers is what they are.