How to Set up WordPress Securely with Good SEO in 1 Hour

WordPress is perhaps the World’s #1 used and well known free CMS (Content Management System), and is used by companies and individuals all over the world, and is a favorite of most Webmasters for blogging or publishing, and even for ecommerce. WordPress has free plugins, which should be kept to the minimal necessary to avoid bugs and incompatibilities after WordPress updates, but some of which are extremely useful, even in their free versions if you know how to tweak the best out of them.

I myself must have installed at least 350 WordPress Websites, and fixed or dehacked at least 20 of them, and have found out how to best protect my sites from human hackers or bots, ddos attacks and sql injections through 28 years of experience. I began using wordpress with version 2.0, which shows how many years i have been blogging and administrating WordPress sites, their databases, and retrieving lost or broken WordPress sites that were hacked or whose databases became corrupted and so on.

There are mainly just a few simple things you have to do, to set up your wordpress site optimally for all devices, safe from hackers, and displays properly on alll screens, and avoid anybody being able to hack you.

One thing you will have to renounce if you follow my methods, which are unorthodox to say the least, is comments and user signups, even inserting discus comment forms which log in with Facebook or Google should not be inserted into your WordPress site, for your own privacy, security, and that of your users.

Deleting the content of the comments.php file in settings/design is essential to prevent people tryng to insert javascript and other code snippets to compromise your website, and if you use Discus, then your website and its users behavior, will be scraped and stolen, and used for advertising and profiling, and also, shared with 3rd party data collectors, who also use further 3rd parties themself as partners (4th Parties to You), causing the risk of a 4th party vulnerability exploit hacking your WordPress site through a p[artner of the partner of the product you implement (in this case we discuss Discus).

This page is awaiting the addition of a video tutorial eto demonstrate to you how to quickly go through the essential changes in settings with a fresh install of WordPress, and leave you with a safe and secure blogging platform that you wont’t have the many problems one hears about with WordPress. Being the most well known and used, it is also the easiest for hackers to guess where the core files are. So this is why one must take the main basic precausions with a fresh install, and prepare the software for displaying the theme in aesthetic manner that fits all screens.

Most people mess up there, by using sidebars, instead of single column pages, which stretch to all screen sizes – sidebars just do not fit with mobile phones and tablets or touchscreen devices and should be deprecated from modern web design, except for desktop large screen devices.

How to Set Up WordPress Properly, in a Jiffy (Coming Soon)

Tutorial coming soon